It seems the mantra of business these days has been a steady diet of we can do more with less.

This statement can also apply on the golf course when you purchase your new XXIO 12 irons.

Pronounced zex-e-o, these irons and the XXIO 12 three wood have made their way into my golf bag and are making a significant change in my very average golf game.

Now to be clear, no course records are in danger of being broken but my own feel about the game has changed due to the tech behind these sticks.

I never was one for a very fast golf swing and when I did, the result was predictable and disastrous.

The lightweight, modern materials in the XXIO12 irons and three wood have slowed down my tempo and the result has been using less club to reach a green. Now I can’t say for sure a better tempo swing with other clubs might yield similar results. You can decide that for yourself if you want to compare. I did just that at a demo day in California and was convinced.

So how much less is less?

Well, my former irons weighed in at 97 grams and the XXIO 12 irons tip the scale at 47 grams, the three wood comes in at 37 grams.

It might not seem like a lot but when you swing these clubs you stand to see more height and distance in my experience.

Do I still hit the odd errant shot? For sure but the miss is not nearly as big as it was with my heavier irons and three wood. It is also likely due to the dufus on the other end of the club.

Having a moderate swing also allows me to hit the middle of the club face more often and these clubs are quite forgiving during those not so centered shots.

On the tech side of the three wood, XXIO, like all club makers have their own language. They use what they call Activwing which allows air to pass over the crown of the fairway wood, similar to how the wings of a plane use air to get loft.

Not to get all science geeky on you but the idea behind the tech is to stabilize the clubhead on your downswing, allowing for a tighter impact pattern. Middle of the club face is much better is the translation and XXIO improves your odds of the ball meeting the club there.

When it comes to the irons XXIO uses what they label the Rebound Frame. Essentially, it’s an ultra-thin face and just behind is deep-set grooves etched into the heads interior. The result is enhanced flex for shots struck low. This is all well over my head which is why I sat in the back of the class during science.

Now I can only speak to my own experience with these clubs, and it has been very positive.

I am easily hitting a nine iron into greens where I was using a seven or eight before. I can thank the heavier club head and lighter shaft for this distance using a much more relaxed swing.

If you are one of those golf equipment geeks who loves to crunch numbers of loft, bounce, shaft length, etcetera, feel free to check out their website at

If you are anything like me, the tech is nice to know but the proof comes from playing.

I can say with all honesty, these clubs have been a game-changer for me, and I am not breaking the bank or my back swinging them.

Experience the difference is the XXIO mantra. You won’t know until you try it for yourself.