Growing up (a relative term) in Winnipeg I played all the sports I could try. Football, baseball and hockey topped the list, but I also tried my hand at golf, volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross-country running, tennis and soccer. I curled one year, won our club championship, and that was it. I still watch and enjoy the strategy of the game.

I always was engaged in each sport and the people I got to meet, players or coaches were always exceptional people it seems.

So, it does not surprise anyone who knows me when I state how much I miss sports.

I miss the action. I miss the excitement generated by a situation where it can be win or lose for one team or individual. ABC Wide World of Sports had it right. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

I miss the athletic plays these men and women churn out regularly.

I miss the interviews I was privileged to conduct with pro athletes.

I miss celebrating the wins and mourning over the losses-close or blowouts. It did not matter if it was my team.

I miss the lead up to a big game or tournament.

I miss discussing with my friends the latest issues in sports.

I miss sports!

Here is what I don’t miss during this strange time.

I don’t miss millionaire players and billionaire owners arguing over money. Baseball got it all wrong with the public relations side of the game.

I don’t miss bizarre decisions made by pro leagues. The NHL lottery is a perfect example of this aspect. Detroit should pick first and not possibly Pittsburgh, Edmonton or Winnipeg.

I don’t miss sideline reporters asking the softball questions of players or coaches during a game.

I don’t miss talking heads screaming at the camera, being angrier about a sports issue than the actual athletes/teams affected.

I don’t miss “experts” telling me what I just saw when the replay shows that’s not what happened.

I don’t miss the Toronto-centric coverage provided by our two sports networks.

I hope we return to a semblance of normal and sports can fill a void for many of us.

Until then, YouTube has been a reasonable replacement but it will never be the same as live sports viewing.