They say things are bigger in Texas-steaks, cattle, buildings, ranches, Jerry Jones hypocrisy level.

Yep, the smarmy owner of America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys has show his true colours when it comes to his stance on racial inequality and police wrong-doings(the nice way to say beatings).

Jones is now taking the Trump Road and says, “we cannot…in the NFL in any way give the implication that we tolerate disrespecting the flag.” So, Jones says he will bench any player who takes a knee during the anthem will be benched.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with tv ratings or apparel sales. Now to be clear, the players have made a point of saying they are not protesting the military, the anthem or the flag. Many who have taken a knee have also taken a picture that same game with members of the military.

But Jones feels this is the hill he will die on because his BFF, Employee #45 has instructed him to do so.

Here is where the hypocrisy enters the picture. Jones is dead set against a peaceful, quiet protest of racial inequality and police brutality but he doesn’t seem to mind his players breaking the rules.

Recently star running back Ezekiel Elliot was in court to face a charge of beating his ex-girlfriend but that case is in hold. Back in March Elliot was called on the carpet for pulling down a woman’s top to expose her breast, something he fully admitted to but was never punished for.

Then we have defensive end Greg Hardy who was arrested after assaulting his ex-girlfriend, allegedly throwing her against a wall, strangling her and threatening to kill her. She couldn’t bring her self to appear in court and the charges were dropped sadly. Of course, Jones then signed this piece of trash to a one year, $11,3 million dollar contract. He was let go after the season but Jones says it was due to poor play…nothing to do with domestic violence.

Other Cowboys have crossed the line when it comes to using banned substances over the past three years. The Cowboys have apparently lost 106 games due to suspensions in that period which tops the NFL. Baltimore was next with 55 according to a recent article.

Apparently, the line Jones has drawn doesn’t include these offenses but having players using their status to bring attention to a serious national problem is in that vague boundary.

I wish his entire team would take a knee next game and so we could see what this Texas-sized hypocrite would do about that.