It is an iconic symbol in the world of golf. It makes sense as the person it represents was an icon.

The multi-coloured umbrella logo, universally known to golfers,
celebrates one of the most recognized people in the sports world, Arnold Palmer.

As we enter the week of his signature event, PUMA Golf’s second collaboration with Arnold Palmer Enterprises, a collection that
embodies The King’s timeless style as it would come to life today, is now available in Canada.

The PUMA Golf x Arnold Palmer Collection celebrates the life and excellence of golf’s global icon through nostalgic
colours, unique prints and personal detailing on each piece.

Inspired in part by the iconic “Arnold Palmer” drink, a mixture of sweet lemonade and cool iced tea, the newest iteration of the collection combines hi-tech, modern fabrics with a sophisticated take on Mr. Palmer’s signature style, both on and off the golf course.

Each item features a unique pattern,reminiscent of The King’s taste, including umbrellas, iced tea and lemons and, in the collar of many of the tops, artistic renderings depicting a memorable period in his storied life and career.

Additionally,hidden labels with famous Arnold Palmer quotes are included on the interior of every piece, along with a two-tone version of the iconic Umbrella logo, adapted to reflect the PUMA x Arnold Palmer

The collection includes other hidden discoverable details including pink stitching on the top buttons of the polos, real shell buttons with Arnold Palmer’s name engraved on them, and unique
hangtags inspired by the cataloging labels used in his personal archives.

“When designing this collection we had the honour of spending time with the Arnold Palmer Enterprises team, along with close Palmer friends and family, diving deep into the archives to bring key elements of his life and career into every piece,” said Chris MacNeill, Senior Product Line Manager, PUMA Golf.

“We wanted to make each piece something special that fans of Mr. Palmer and the game of golf will truly appreciate. We feel we captured the essence of his life and trend-setting style in a modern way in this new collection.”