It was titled as the Money Fight and it delivered.

MMA bully Conor McGregor and boxing Golden Boy (tarnished and all) Floyd Mayweather tangled in the only place gaudy enough to host this debacle.

Las Vegas was perfect as a setting because there really isn’t anything which is real in Vegas. You are hypnotized and mesmerized by all that is Sin City and this spectacle was a perfect fit.

Do I have proof this was a fixed, somewhat scripted battle of the giants from each sport? Nope. But I also don’t have proof  getting hit by a bus will hurt. I am speculating of course but it makes me wonder. A lot!

There are just some things that are obvious and this fight contained a few eye brow raisers.

These two business people were fighting for nothing but money. There was no title on the line. Bragging rights may have entered the equation but anyone who thought McGregor had a chance was missing the point of the fight. It was for money. Nothing else. Mayweather was supposed to beat McGregor so what’s to brag about. His record is perfect and his pawn in the plan got paid handsomely.

Simple logic would have told you McGregor had less than a 1% chance of beating Mayweather.

You have a man who hadn’t lost in the boxing ring ever against a man who had never really boxed. That should be enough evidence but add to the fact you take away the MMA fighter’s ability to kick, wrestle and choke out an opponent and you have beaten him before he steps in the ring.

It’s like Tom Brady facing a full defence but without any receivers. Here Dustin Johnson, you can use your putter for 18 holes but Jordan Spieth will have a full set of clubs.

Carey Price, you can have a glove and a mask but no other padding or skates and you face Sidney Crosby who has full gear and a stick.

You see where I am headed. The Christians had a better chance against the lions.

Sure McGregor lasted ten rounds but were they all quality rounds?  As Mayweather stated so accurately, the people wanted a show and we gave them one. It’s just a question of how scripted the show was.

I know fight fans on both sides had their reasons for paying good money to view this and good for them. I am glad I didn’t spend a dime to watch a foregone conclusion though.

These two less than admirable humans put together a show which would have made Barnum and Baily proud. It was the ultimate circus.

They both cashed in big time. They knew it going in and relished it coming out.

Just as many viewers/fans had their reasons for wanting to see this, many others had their reasons to not and neither decision is wrong. It’s all a matter of choice.

I just wish it would have been for real and not for money.



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