There’s room for more kids in the hall. The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame that is.

The door is open for nominations for those people in the world of sports that have done something of significance.

“The qualifications are important,” said Debbie Brigley, coordinator at the hall. “They would have had to achieve something of note in sport in Alberta. In building of a sport, you could be a media person, so some high achievement.”

There is a bit of a process in order to nominate someone for the hall and there is a package which outlines all the steps which need to be taken, she said.

Hall 2

“We start the process now because it’s not just an overnight kind of write a little note. You have to gather some information, you have to do a little research on that person and submit it to a selection committee. This committee has to go through 50 to 60 of them so yours has to stand out to say, wow this person should be in here.”

The selection committee reviews all of them to decide which of the nominees will make the list of ten inductees who will enter the hall in 2016.

The deadline to submit is January 31st, 2016 and within two weeks’ time the selections will be finalized.


“We don’t usually make the announcement until the end of the month and then the ceremony will be held in June,” she said of the banquet which is normally in May but has been bumped due to Red Deer hosting the Memorial Cup in 2016.

Information on the nomination process can be found on the website or you can drop into the hall in person which is located on the east side of the Queen Elizabeth Two highway at Red Deer.

The hall is home to outstanding athletes, builders and media members who have played a role in sports in this province since 1957.

Hall 3

The Class of 2015 included multi-sport builder Hugh McPherson of Red Deer, former Calgary Flames trainer Jim “Bearcat” Murray, the voice of the Calgary Flames Peter Maher, curler Kevin Martin and Joey Moss who was a fixture in the dressing rooms of both the Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos.

Who knows who will make up the next class but you can be sure they will be worthy of the honour.



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